Our concept for #ResistJam:

People refer to their countries with the metaphor of the house. Houses are vertical buildings so it makes sense for us to use the floors as representation of the social stratification. Following this idea and extending to a condominium, we can apply the idea of governing to the building management: making decisions which affect the inhabitants' quality of life.

So, here we are: a condo as metaphor of society. You are the manager of the building. You will make decisions by taking (or not) into account tenants' needs and the property owner requests. Each decision will directly affect the different social classes (some may like a reform while another not!). The whole set of decisions rates the 'authoritarian rate' of the building manager.

If you want to learn more about Westernia, you can read this article about our brainstorming session.

Update on the last day of the jam:

It's a shame we don't have a tool to easily introduce new questions to the game (and a teammate who is a good writer!). We could have added much more questions, giving a personality to each of the six characters and providing a clearer message.

We hope people will understand the concept. We would love to hear from you! We may add a few more mechanics and make a mobile version of the game.

Give us a shout on Twitter @impertinentgame!


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Great game! And excellent microcosm of society and demonstration of how difficult it is to please everyone. That elite guy on the top floor was a real jerk, but having him makes a good point on how much disproportional influence that top 1% has!